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Grey Rabbit Baby makes every attempt to identify and source baby products utilizing the highest quality materials and fabrics. We also request our manufacturers and suppliers to clearly identify the fabric content and any special handling instructions. However, there is a possibility that some manufacturers and suppliers could change the fabric content of our products without advance notice to us. It is also possible that the garments may have been stored, packaged or shipped to us with other products that may have left traces of other fibers or materials on our products.

Some babies may have allergic reactions to certain fabrics or labels. Customers concerned with fabric allergies or other special sensitivities are encouraged to carefully monitor the use of the garment and immediately discontinue use of the product in the event of any adverse reactions and promptly contact your physician.

Grey Rabbit Baby is committed to product safety and care. Nevertheless, we cannot be responsible for allergic reactions that some babies may have due to special sensitivities to certain fabrics or materials and parents are encouraged to carefully monitor the use of all baby products. Upon request, Grey Rabbit Baby will provide additional information regarding product care, handling and fabric content to customers with specific concerns or questions.


Size Chart

All sizes are approximate.
Please note: Sizes do not correspond to age.
0-3 Months 0-3 Months 21” - 24" 16 1/2” 8 - 13 lbs
3-6 Months 3-6 Months 24 1/2" - 27" - 13 - 17 lbs
6-9 Months 6-9 Months 27 1/2" - 29" - 17 - 20 lbs